Thursday, October 19, 2006

Krista On Acceptance

Clicks and Popular Status...So, I suppose after three solid years in high school, one should be able to see how the "system" works. As a new wave of freshman come in every year, groups form and new friendships are established.

That's all grand and fabulous, however, why do we focus so much on trying to be a part of that? Acceptance ranges from hoping to be approved by your peers to praying that that special someone is really with you because of you. As a new day begins, the fight to be or stay accepted commences. Fear of whether or not the acceptance standard is reached, often haunts those trying to make it through high school.

Unfortunatly, these days, everything a person does is judged. Now, unless you have skin made out of steel, being effected by the ways of high school is inevitable.

The drive to be part of the "crowd" can be close to pathetic. I remember my Freshman year and all my aspirations to be part of everything. The picture I had painted in my own mind was that of a false illusion. I never expected reality to hit so hard. Looking back I realized that not only do you have to be a certain kind of person to make it into that "crowd", but you have to give up a whole lot of good aspects to your character in order to achieve the Popular Pin.

However, I wish I could say having a sort of a "whatever" attitude didn't come without it's bruises. Being part of the band my whole high school career has humbled and frustrated me. If there was away to avoid fighting for acceptance...I would do it...But if you were to ask me, "Would you give all this up and start over?" I would most definitely say, "Not a chance in hell..."

Acceptance is a never ending competition without a finish line...


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