Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Patthew On Wamousity

Wamousity. This state of paralyzing geekiness was once seen as only a pipe dream: achievable, but ultimately futile.

There was once a time when, to become Wamous, one actually had to accomplish something. If people knew your name it was because you did something like create the internet, create a major operating system, or were the first person to steal bank records over the internet.

This was the whole appeal of the internet, it was a refuge of sorts for the kinds people who routinely had their pen protectors shoved up their asses by 'ballas.' The internet was a mystical, semi-tangible land where the people who licked crusted mud off the bottom step of the social ladder actually had some sort of chance at fame.

Nowadays any skank with a webcam and iTunes can achieve a pretty staggering amount of fame in a matter of weeks. There are still dark corners of the internet where the geek rule, but they're more reminiscent of the cramped lockers that the once "masters of the net" were stuffed into between classes than any real sort of Wamousity. If you're popular at school, you're undoubtedly popular online. People call you a geek if your myspace even begins to encroach on legibility or coherence. Nobody knows who Linus Torvalds is, but have you seen those guys who act out the Mortal Kombat theme song?


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