Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Se Young On Wamousity

wa ∙ mou ∙ si ∙ ty : (n)

1. A laughable yet somehow alluring position of authority and power.
2. Fame generated through word of mouth/type on the interweb.
3. Our ultimate goal.

High school is built on a vicious hierchy of popularity. ASB, jocks, dance team, cheerleaders, geniuses, bandos, drama geeks, ROTC, choir kids. It's nature's pecking order, a food chain if you will. I, fortunately, belong to the lower quadrant of the pyramid. I spent the first three years of high school regretting my social decisions (joining band instead of the dance team? what the fuck was I thinking?) and wishing I could somehow claw my way up to the top. Maybe it was the jarring thud with which I slid back to my proper place after each futile attempt (or maybe I've just gotten smart) but I've ultimately come to accept who I am: an awkward antisocial judgemental bando. And to be honest with you, I prefer it this way. There's a smug satisfaction to be had in placing oneself above all the petty feudings of the average high school bunch and mocking the swarming masses. Yeah, I still secretly wonder what life could have been like if I was the pretty white girl with the infinite wardrobe consisting of Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle and I still compare myself to the fussy Queen Bee whenever ASB holds an elaborate ceremony to honor the homecoming court. But in general, I've gotten a lot more confident in myself and my 115lb body.

And then the interweb came along and opened a whole new can of worms.

With the birth of youtube, myspace, livejournal, facebook and countless other networking sites, physical beauty was decidedly crossed off of the list of requisites for popularity. A bit of photoshop and the willingness to get semi-nude is now all that is needed to achieve worldwide fame. Or "wamousity" as the witty Patthew and I have branded this new cultural phenomenon. Everywhere teens are taking their clothes off, tilting their cameras into awkward angles and abusing their shallow knowledge of photoshop to create horrific pieces of child porn to lure in comments from strangers (sepia or b&w conveys your deep soul while sparkle brushes and badly animated gifs of dancing animals show your more playful side). Youtube is infested with videos of skinny white girls gyrating to horrid music and defending their behavior by saying that they were "just messing around for fun". I can't help but barf in my mouth just a little everytime I read some horny old man's pathetic attempt to sound hip and young: "Shake that ass for papa" "Nice legs gurls" "Dayum son dats hot"...


Wamousity shouldn't be about selling yourself short or marketing a false image of yourself. (lonelygirl15 anybody?) It's a delicate art of dumbassical jokes, people getting hurt, being indignant and using outlandish hand gestures on vlogs while talking about random things that nobody cares about. We (Se Young, Patthew, Hannu & Krista) are here to show you what true wamousity is all about. It's a chance to let our ingenuity shine through the spiraling tubes of the interweb. It's poetic vengeance on the anorexic airheads. Simply put, it's shameless viral marketing of the self; a trixy interweb invasion.

You like me already. I can tell.


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