Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hannu on Wamousity

As each have said their piece, I too will add my own.

The whole term of "wamousity" has changed from its lowly beginnings. Wamousity was a way for the underdogs and nerds so feel accepted in their homely internet community. It was never truly intended that they would become famous. It was of pure intentions; something they created would enertain others. Wamousitymany times happened on accident usually on the terms that some jackass of a friend posted an embarrassing video of you on YouTube. It was an innocent child of the internet that has now transformed into the most superficial and unimaginative achievement.

Take for instance our lovely Numa-Numa Guy (NNG). At his humble beginnings, the catchy song and rididulousness caught nearly everyone's eye. Although quite overplayed after awhile, it was this innocent act that made our dearest NNG famous. Upon viewing his "newer" video, I felt almost repulsed. Jumping on the tailcoat of his own fame, he tried to outlive his own legacy and obviously failed. This video, however, was just as praised as his previous one despite the fact he only made it to continue his wamousity.

Being wamous is nowhere near the achievement it once was. Now any bimbo can grab a webcam and lipsync the Pixies "Hey" and be on YouTube's Top Favorited Videos. Creativity has been lost in ever sense of the word.

Although we all wish to at some point to be recognized by our interweb peers, think before you shove some half-assed video in hopes that someone will find you amusing. Being slutty, unimaginative, and retarded is not much of an achievement. So we lowly internet-goers don't have much of a choice. We can jump on the bandwagon of dumbassery or sit back and watch them crash and burn.


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